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Run With Your Heart

“JC Fit City - Run With Your Heart 2024”

More than thousand primary and secondary school students, parents, and citizens joined elite athletes to sweat for charity, launching an active lifestyle through a relay run.

The “JC Fit City – Run With Your Heart 2024” was held on May 19th, 2024 in the West Kowloon Cultural District, attracting participants from the sports and education sectors, disciplined services, and citizens from various districts. They experienced over 20 sports challenges, including bouldering, obstacle courses, and Fit Square workshops, and enjoyed a vibrant and energetic healthy Sunday in various Hong Kong-themed sports photo spots.

The “Run With Your Heart 2024” attracted around 200 teams and over 1400 participants, who completed a 3-hour relay run, allowing more citizens to understand the benefits of exercise and implement a healthy lifestyle.

Organised by the Elite Athlete Charitable Trust and fully supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the ” Run With Your Heart 2024″ gathered the goodwill and strength of elite athletes and runners. Through the relay run, it promoted the health benefits of sports and raised funds for the Elite Athletes Charitable Foundation to give back to society on different levels. This year, “Run With Your Heart 2024” has become one of the signature events of the “JC Fit City” programme, aiming to further encourage citizens to integrate regular exercise into their daily lives and understand the benefits of sports.

Ms. Donna Tang, Executive Manager, Charities (Sports, Culture & Institute of Philanthropy) at The Hong Kong Jockey Club, said in her opening speech “The Jockey Club has always been committed to supporting the popularization of sports in Hong Kong. We are pleased that the ‘JC Fit City – Run With Your Heart 2024’ event can encourage citizens to participate in various forms of exercise. We hope everyone can persist with ‘Your Heart’ and develop a habit of regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Like other charitable projects funded by the Jockey Club, our support for this program is made possible by our unique integrated operating model, which generates tax revenue and charitable donations from our horse racing and betting business, while also creating employment opportunities for the community.”

Mr. Victor Hui, Honorary President of the Elite Athlete Charitable Trust, said “The annual ‘Run With Your Heart 2024’ has witnessed the passing on of the torch among Hong Kong’s elite athletes. We are delighted to see the support from athletes and guests from various sectors over the years, which has consolidated the spirit and strength of Hong Kong’s elite athletes to give back to society and spread the love, goodwill, and sporting spirit across Hong Kong.”

The event was attended by various guests, including:
Dr. Christine Choi Yuk Lin, Secretary for Education;
Mr. Victor Hui, Honorary President of the Elite Athlete Charitable Trust;
Ms. Donna Tang, Executive Manager, Charities (Sports, Culture & Institute of Philanthropy), The Hong Kong Jockey Club;
Mr. Siu Chak Yee, Commissioner of Police;
Mr. Vincent Cheng Wing-shun, Legislative Council Member;
Mr. Yeung Yan-kin, Director of Fire Services;
Mr. Wong Tak Sum, Sam, Commissioner for Sports, Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau;
Mr. Ching Wo Mok, Deputy Director of Immigration (Control, Visa and Documents);
Mr. Leung Kin Yip, Kenneth, Deputy Commissioner of Correctional Services(Rehabilitation and Management);
Mr. Chu Pui Kit, Kenneth, Assistant Commissioner (Boundary and Ports) Customs and Excise Department;
Ms. Choi Man Kwan, Alice, District Officer of Kowloon City;
Ms. Wong Yan Yin, Paul, District Officer of Sham Shui Po;
Mr. Tony Choi Yuk Kwan, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Sports Institute;
Mr. Mr Wilfred Ng Sau Kei, Honorary Vice-President of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association;
Ms. Malina Ngai Man Lin, Vice-President of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association;
Ms. Ms Chan Lim Chee, Amy, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association.

The participating elite athletes included Lee Yuen Yin (rowing), Wong Wai Chun (rowing), Yuen Yun Lam (rowing), Cheung Siu Lun (fencing), Yip Pui Yin (badminton), Cheung Hoi Lam (rowing), Lee Ka Man (rowing), Leung Yuet Yee (badminton), Lee Ka Wai Jimmy (karate), Wong Hiu Ying Angel (gymnastics), Wong Wai Lok (rowing), and Lee Chun Ho (karate).

Hong Kong elite athletes include Ms.Yip Pui Yin (Badminton), Ms. Zhang Ling (Tennis), Mr. Law Leong Tim (Triathlon), Mr. Cheung Siu Lun (Fencing), Ms. Ma Man Sum (Karate), Ms. Yuen Ka Ying (Wushu), Ms. Lee Ka Man, Ms. Fung ChiWan, Ms. Lee Yuen Yin, Ms. Ng Wing Hei (Rowing), Mr. Chan Ming Tai, Ms. Erica Fong (Athletics), Ms. Chan Ho Ling, Ms. Au Wing Chi, Ms. Ho Tsz Lok , Ms. Liu Tsz Ling, Ms. Tong Tsz Wing, Mr. Lo Cheuk Hin Chris, Ms. Ho Ka Wing, Ms. Li Sum Yin, Mr. Lai Cheuk Nam, Mr. Lam Yat Ting (Squash), Ms. Cheng Tsz Ting (Rugby) and Ms. Lo Ka Ki (Shooting) and Ms. Chiong Ka Kei (former apprentice jockey).

Former footballer Kwok Ka Ming also came to show his support.