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Together We Care 2020

Together We Care 2020

J  anuary 21-23, 2021 – Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association and the event main sponsor Hong Kong Jockey Club, the co-organizer YWCA, the sponsors Li Ning, A.S. Watson Group and Unicycling Association of Hong Kong, and the supporting organization Po Leung Kuk Riverain Primary School joined hands to launch the “Together We Care 2020”.

Together We Care was first initiated by elite athletes and has walked into its 16th year. It has been held successfully in the past and is launched again this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, home visits and kick-off ceremony were cancelled. Nevertheless, Hong Kong elite athletes have teamed up with volunteers from the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (Thei) to prepare the goodies bag at Po Leung Kuk Riverain Primary School in three consecutive days for those in need. The goodies bag will then be distributed to YWCA centres for 2,500 solitary and low-income families in 12 districts, including Sai Wan, Sai Wan Ho, Ho Man Tin, Wong Tai Sin, Ngau Tau Kok, Sham Shui Po, Tsing Yi, North District, Sha Tin, Tseung Kwan O, Tin Shui Wai and Tuen Mun, so as to send them love and warmth.

The event theme this year is “Anti-epidemic”, thus, the goodies items sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club are not limited to food and daily necessities, such as rice, crackers, oatmeal, ping on ointment, calendar and magnifying nail clippers, but also including epidemic prevention supplies sponsored by A.S. WatsonGroup, such as face mask and hand sanitizers. On top of that, 7 Hong Kong active and retired elite athletes, including Lee Lai Shan, Wong Tak Sum, Ma Man Sum, Fu Ka Chun, Cheung Siu Lun, Shek Wai Hung, Lui Lai Yiu and the students and parents from Po Leung Kuk Riverain Primary School have written message cards to show their care and encouragement.

This year, in the “Together We Care 2020”, the volunteers have also practiced the “Just · Simple” project, mainly by reducing waste through a simple life. Simple life is a way of doing justice, and it can also be interpreted as “very simple”, or practice is not difficult, which encourages action. As for the “Just”, it means “righteousness” and “volunteer”. “Just · Simple” is promoted mainly through voluntary activities, supporting the needs of the poor, helping the poor through personal visits to the vulnerable families, and environmental protection concepts and methods. Vulnerable families include low-income families, newly arrived families, families living in subdivided flats, street sleepers, seniors living alone, and families with children with special learning needs.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is the largest charitable public welfare organization in Hong Kong. As the main sponsor of the event, in addition to funding, the Jockey Club has mobilized more than 40 volunteers to participate in the event.

 (22/1) Athletes involved in goodies packing include:

Karate – Ma Man Sum

Cycling – Li Yin Yin

Footabll – Leung Kam Fai, So Ka Nok

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Summer events

Leader of Rehabilitation Pioneer X Hong Kong Elite Athletes

Date :August 24 , 2019(Saturday)

Time :09:00-13:00

Location: Pik Uk Correctional Institution

All elite athletes arrived at the Pik Uk Correctional Institution at 9 a.m., where staff of the institution briefed on the significance of the programme “Pik Uk cultivates elites with firm objective” and led elite athletes on a tour of the facilities.
They then went to the indoor gymnasium for different sports exchanges with members of the Pik Uk Correctional Institution, which included: Competitive Warm-up, followed by Floating Didi, Thousands of Miles to Send Goose Feathers, Crossing Hurdles, and Balloon Volleyball competitions. The narrators of the rules of the game and the referees were the members who have taken the Advanced Volleyball Referee Course, so that they can practice what they have learned.
After the competition, the participants shared their own experience in group with the members of the Institution, encouraged them to face difficulties optimistically, and inspired them to overcome adversities with sportsmanship.
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Golden Cradle Award

Golden Cradle Award

The “Golden Cradle Award” was set up by the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association in 1999 to commend people for their anonymous support and unconditional dedication to athletes. They should take the greatest credits for the success of athletes. Their care and love for athletes has encouraged the athletes to continue their efforts, who we are not referring to coaches, parents, friends or assistants only, but also those who can bring encouragement and spiritual support to the athletes. There is a profound meaning behind the “Golden Cradle Award”, i.e, it is because of the persistent tolerance and accompany of the supporters in both good times and bad times that the athletes are able to grow in a safe and warm environment as if they were in a cradle.

List of Awardees


鄭仲賢 (前香港乒乓球總教練)   


黎新祥 (已故)(前香港體育學院足球教練)

盧梁璧聯 (前香港羽毛球總教練)

錢恩培 (已故)(資深體育行政官員)

劉志強 (前香港田徑教練)





胡錦翬 (前香港體育學院物理治療師)



于立光 (前香港武術總教練)       

李德能 (資深運動傳媒工作者)


雷禮義 (專業排球評述員)   

王銳基 (前香港劍擊總教練)

陳念慈 (香港精英運動員協會主席)


許晉奎 (香港精英運動員協會創會名譽會長及精英運動員慈善基金主席)


郭家明 (前香港足球總教練)

陳耀海 (前香港游泳總教練)       

陳江華 (香港乒乓球總教練)


凌劉月芬 (香港弱智人士體育協會副會長)


陳亞瓊 (前香港中聯辦宣傳文體部副部長)       

潘健侶 (香港傷殘田徑教練)

洪松蔭 (香港精英運動員協會創會主席)


謝家德 (前香港體育學院體適能教練)


胡經昌 (香港精英運動員協會會長)

梁家樂 (資深義務活動攝影師)

鄭兆康 (香港劍擊總教練)


林鄭月娥 (香港特別行政區行政長官)


倪文玲 (香港精英運動員協會副會長)


沈金康 (香港單車總教練)

徐惠芬 (香港排球總會副會長)


艾培理 (前香港滑浪風帆總教練)


霍震霆 (中國香港體育協會暨奧林匹克委員會會長)


余潤興 (香港乒乓總會會長)

黃贊 (前香港劍擊教練)

露芙肯特 (香港三項鐵人總會會長)


容樹恒醫生 (矯形外科及創傷學系教授/運動創傷科主任)


鄧漢昇 (香港田徑教練)

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Annual Dinner

2020-21 Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association cum Elite Athlete Charitable Trust 25th Annual General Meeting

The 2020-2021 Annual Dinner was held on Friday, June 11 at the Chinese Restaurant, SCAA Sports Complex, 88 Caroline Road, Causeway Bay. 

At the dinner, Mr. Henry Wu King Cheong, President of the Association, expressed his gratitude to all the friendly groups and HKEAA members for their long-term care, support, encouragement and assistance to the Association, and hoped that they would continue to support and give guidance to Association so that it could continue to make contribution to development of Hong Kong’s elite sports as well as the social harmony of Hong Kong society. Finally, he also paid tribute to the members of the Executive Committee and the Secretariat.

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Run With Your Heart 2018

Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association “Active School - Run With Your Heart”

More than a thousand primary and secondary school students, parents , citizens and elite athletes shed their sweats for charity, celebrating Christmas with a healthy and energetic relay run.

On December 23, 2018 (Sunday) , Mr. Chan Mau-po, Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, joined the representatives from community of sports, education, entertainment, several disciplined services and more than 1,300 citizens to participate in the “Active School – Run With Your Heart 2018” at Sha Tin Sports Ground, celebrating the Christmas with a healthy body and mind. Over 170 teams competed in a four-hour long-distance running competition by relay to raise funds for the Elite Athlete Charitable Trust, showing perseverance and love.

Hosted by Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association, fully supported by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charitable Trust and co-organised by the Sha Tin Festival Committee, the “Active School — Run With Your Heart” was launched in 1998 and has been warmly welcomed since re-launching in 2016. It promotes the health benefits of sport through relay runs, while raising funds for the Elite Athletes Charitable Trust and providing education, further education, medical care and other emergency support to individuals and charity groups.

Mr. Victor Hui, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association, said at the opening ceremony: “Hong Kong elite athletes are actively participating in social services and are serving the community in different ways by example. The annual “Run With Your Heart” has witnessed their spirit being passed down from generation to generation. Old athletes retire and new athletes take over the baton, but what has remained unchanged is that we keep uniting the strength of athletes to pay back to the society.”

Mr. Raymond Tam Chi-yuen, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, said in a speech that it was the third year that the Jockey Club supported “Active School — Run With Your Heart”. He said, “The Jockey Club Charitable Trust has allocated more than HK $20 million in 2016 to support the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association to continue the launch of the “Active School” project, so that more students can participate in interesting sports activities. It encourages children to be more active and develop good habits of doing sports from an early age, and helps them to develop healthily, physically, mentally and socially. The project has benefited 167 primary schools and over 24,900 primary school students, making the schools a more energetic and positive place.”

“Active School – Run With Your Heart” has set up the primary school group, the secondary school group, the parent-child group (children who are 4 years old or above can team up with parents), sports team group, disciplinary service group, the disabled group and loving group (i.e., an open group), and a number of special awards have been set up, such as the “Most Creative Costume Team”, which encourages runners to be creative and makes the relay run more interesting. In addition to the relay race, there are a variety of charitable fund-raising activities, including  Song Request Station, Supermarket, Unicycle and Floor Curling Fun, so that participants can do good things while engaging in different kinds of sports and welcoming the Christmas holidays healthily. This year’s “Active School – Run With Your Heart” is one of the key events of the “2018 Sha Tin Festival”.

Guests at the event included Mr. Tam Chi-yuen, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs of Hong Kong Jockey Club, member of the Legislative Council Mr. Ma Fung-kwok, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Sport Institute Dr. Lam Tai Fai, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association Mr. Victor Hui, President of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association Mr. Wu King Cheong, Secretary of Education Bureau Mr. Yeung Yun-hung, Sports Commissioner Mr. Yeung Tak Keung,Director of Hong Kong Fire Services Department Mr. Lee Kin Yat, Acting Commissioner of Customs and Excise Department, Mr. Lin Shun Yin, Director of Leisure and Cultural Services Ms. Li Mei-sheung, Sha Tin District Officer of Home Affairs Department Ms. Chan Yuen-man, Chairman of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association Ms. Chan Lim Chee, Vice President of Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association Ms. Malina Ngai Man-lin, and Honorary Vice President of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association Mr. Ng Sau Kei , etc.
Hong Kong elite athletes include Ms.Yip Pui Yin (Badminton), Ms. Zhang Ling (Tennis), Mr. Law Leong Tim (Triathlon), Mr. Cheung Siu Lun (Fencing), Ms. Ma Man Sum (Karate), Ms. Yuen Ka Ying (Wushu), Ms. Lee Ka Man, Ms. Fung ChiWan, Ms. Lee Yuen Yin, Ms. Ng Wing Hei (Rowing), Mr. Chan Ming Tai, Ms. Erica Fong (Athletics), Ms. Chan Ho Ling, Ms. Au Wing Chi, Ms. Ho Tsz Lok , Ms. Liu Tsz Ling, Ms. Tong Tsz Wing, Mr. Lo Cheuk Hin Chris, Ms. Ho Ka Wing, Ms. Li Sum Yin, Mr. Lai Cheuk Nam, Mr. Lam Yat Ting (Squash), Ms. Cheng Tsz Ting (Rugby) and Ms. Lo Ka Ki (Shooting) and Ms. Chiong Ka Kei (former apprentice jockey).
The artists present included Mr. Steven Ma, Mr. Hins Cheung , Ms. Chong Si Man , Mr. Vincent Kuk Tak Chiu, Ms. Tavia Yeung (Wild Man) and Ms. KiKi Lin.

"Run With Your Heart❤️ 2018" has been held successfully. Click the link below to view the results of the event: