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2022 – From Strength to Strength – We newly launched “Active Academy”

2022 - From Strength to Strength -
We newly launched "Active Academy"

We are happy to continue receiving donations from the Hong Kong Jockey Club for the upcoming three years of the “Active” programme, which includes “Active School,” “Active Community,” and the recently launched “Active Academy.” This will allow us to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle and a happy environment for everyone to grow up in.

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Given that parties from all walks of life showed support to the Active School and Active Community Programme, HKEAA has collaborated with the Sha Tin District Office to launch the active community programme on campus again at the beginning of the year. With venues provided by the schools of the Active School Programme of the Sha Tin District, six different parent-child sports classes were piloted in five primary schools, including martial arts, floor curling, yoga, Hip Hop and dodgebee, all of which were fully packed with participants.

HKEAA has received another funding from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charitable Trust to continue the Active School Programme for the next three years; Funding it has been also extended to the Active Community Programme to carry out more parent-child and silver-haired activities.